Reburishment of 7 bedroom Country House with 2 new extensions forming a contemporary glazed accommodation wing linking to 17 x 5m indoor swimming pool & gymnasium

Substantial 7 bedroom early 19th Century Country House with later additions. Estate of 184 acres set high on a sandstone ridge near Horsham West Sussex with views to Cissbury Ring on the South Downs.

3 separate phases of construction 2018 / 2021.

Phase 1 2017/2018 substantial refurbishment and renovation of main house including all new statutory services, heating, bathrooms. Approx value £1M

Phase 2 2018-20 Demolition of service wings. Large contemporary steel and timber framed extension comprising family room, enlargement of existing kitchen to form kitchen/dining with a glazed arcade linking to new main entrance, changing room, shower/dog room. Hard and soft landscaping, new drive proposals. Fully glazed to the east and south (garden) sides with extensive hard and soft landscaping. Contract value £1.85M with completion July 2020

Phase 3 2019/21 Construction commenced on site July 2020. New heated & air conditioned indoor natural swimming pool 17 x 5m, gymnasium, 2 storey plant room, fully glazed arcade extension to Phase 2 arcade. Twin commercial grade ASHP with air conditioning and LPHW underfloor heating. 30no PV panels (9.9kW) sited on roof to supplement ASHP demand. Landscaping extended to suit. Approx value £1.25M

Main Contractor: Comber & Sons Ltd

Structural Engineers: Ellis Structures Ltd

Mechanical Services: RDJ Consultants Ltd

Electrical Services:

Heating Services : Adept Heating Services Ltd (Phase 1)

Mechanical Services Contractor: BTU (Installation & Maintenance) Ltd

Pool Contractor: Clearwater Revival Ltd

Landscape Contractor: Twig Ltd

3D drawings of new floating staircase with SS wire balustrade in glass atrium
Main House Entrance Elevation
Entrance to Phase 2 from Drive Courtyard
Phase 2 Family Room north wall and Phase 3 Swimming Pool under Construction
Phase 2 Glazed Garden Elevation with Garden Stairwell, Arcade and Family Room
Completion July 2020
Phase 3 Indoor Swimming Pool RC work

Phase 3 Indoor Swiiming Pool construction under roof protection
Concrete shell completed steelwork erection from 08 March.
Circular holes supply the slot air diffuser which sits under the glass screens
Pool wall fittings completed
Service undercroft all insulated ready for duct/cablework & pool pipework

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