Other Services

Party Wall Surveyor

If your building is in close proximity to a neighbouring property boundary you will probably be required to issue notices and agree a Party Wall Award under the Party Wall Act 1996. We can advise you on the appointment of a Party Wall Surveyor.

Structural Engineer

We can advise you on the appointment of a Structural Engineer whose drawings details and calculations are required to satisfy  Building Control and to ensure all load paths on existing or  new structures are properly resolved and calculated. We liaise with the structural engineer from the beginning to ensure we get the fit of aesthetics and the structural solution properly balanced.

Eco-Energy Assessor

Eco- Energy assessments, SAP energy calculations and CSH (Code for Sustainable Homes) are nationally recognized methods for rating and certifying the performance of new (or existing homes) to meet the requirements of Part L of the building regulations. We can advise you on the appointment of a suitable energy assessor to report and prepare suitable certification for the project. Frequently the first point of contact is to explore the thermal performance of the proposed or new building and to assess the options for improvement and the impact on the fabric of the building. We used to prepare calculations ourselves to advise clients accordingly however properly qualified assessors are now  a statutory requirement.

Planning Consultant

Occasionally we may need to advise clients to appoint a planning consultant where we need additional input by a specialist Planning Consultant. We work with experienced local Planning Consultants and will advise on their appointment

CDM Coordinator

The CDM (Construction Design Management) 2007 Act cover the health and safety issues concerning building projects under construction. Domestic clients undertaking domestic projects are exempt from CDM client duties. The CDM client duties apply to domestic premises if the client is a landlord, housing association, charity, collective of leaseholders or any other commercial activity. We can advise on the appointment of a CDM Coordinator.

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